Beyond Blockchain Potential, to Performance: an Advanced Decentralized ‘Transchain’ Platform
A distributed ledger technology based on novel, rapid and scalable crypto consensus protocol, with quick consensus speeds.
    TrueChain Features

  • Ultra-scalable, Light weight, Rapid, Low cost and Secure trans-chain platform
  • Light weight crypto consensus protocol to drive decentralization in multiple businesses
  • Application can be run even on mobile devices and IoT nodes
  • Target areas include governance, finance, advertising, content distribution, telecom and supply chain
  • Significant focus on security & identity
  • Data confidentiality
  • Zero Knowledge Proofs
Use Case Scenarios
  • Advertising: TrueChain’s low price per transaction is also suitable for the micro-payments model of digital ads.
  • Data Storage: Global storage costs for data could be significantly reduced, and data security improved, if users were able to retain their own data on distributed platforms and still be able to share and/or transact with the information.
  • Digital Identity: Identity is a persistent problem in the centralized digital world. The 3D-ID app, based on the TrueChain platform, addresses data confidentiality, cheating-immune verification and identity registration.
  • Payments: TrueChain can process up to 2,000 transactions per second at the lowest price per transaction with zero knowledge proofs.
  • Smart Contracts: TrueChain offers real-time, economic smart contracts where other blockchains fail at scalability, speed and cost factors.
  • Supply Chain: Cheating-immune NLSS based TrueChain protocol ensures that no one in the supply chain can cheat. The solution also helps customers continuously track their goods eliminating the paper work.
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